• Medical Testing


    Laboratory tests, ultrasounds,

    x-rays and more!



    Excellent service,

    fast results.

  • How can we help you?

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    From broken bones to blood tests, we have you covered.

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    Find out why we are doctors' top choice for diagnostics.

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    We offer comprehensive services for businesses, HMOs, labs & more!

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    Stop by our center & experience the BeaconHealth difference!

  • Trusted by thousands of patients and their doctors.

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    Need diagnostics?

    Ask your doctor for a referral, pre-book a test, or just walk into one of our centres.

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    Check in with the front desk

    Our front desk staff will help you through our simple, fast check-in process and notify the clinician that you're here.

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    Get comfortable

    We offer complimentary water, tea, and snacks while you wait in our air-conditioned lounge. We also have a children's play area to keep the kids happy.

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    Experience excellent care

    You won't be waiting long! Our on-site clinicians will attend to you promptly, answer any questions you have, and prepare your medical report.

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    Postcare follow up

    We will send your medical reports and images directly to your doctor and provide you a copy for your records. We can also connect you with our network of specialists for follow-up visits as needed.

  • Chat via WhatsApp

    Need to schedule an appointment? Ask for directions to the centre nearest to you? Have follow-up questions after a visit?


    Our WhatsApp chat line is available to you!

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