• Partner with Us

    Offering comprehensive health services for schools, HMOs, businesses, labs, and hospitals.

  • Private Clinics & Labs

    Let us support your existing laboratory or health facility. By partnering with BeaconHealth you can add value to your practice by increasing the range of your lab offerings. BeaconHealth guarantees fast-turnaround times and high-quality reporting.


    At BeaconHealth, we understand the importance of keeping the cost of diagnostics low for patients and their HMOs. We offer your enrollees best-in-class clinical experience without putting you in the red.


    Successful businesses are built by healthy, happy employees. We offer a variety of highly-customizable programs for employers, including pre-employment screenings, employee wellness packages, and preventative care services.

    Schools & Universities

    For primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions, we offer customized health screenings and wellness packages to keep your students and staff healthy.