• Diagnostic Services

    Laboratory tests, Ultrasounds & X-rays, DNA tests and more!

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    At Beaconhealth Diagnostics, we offer our clients the best in pathological services. Our state-of- the-art medical laboratory helps to ensure fast turnaround times and highly-accurate results.

    The various areas covered under Pathology include:

    • Biochemistry
    • CLIA
    • Haematology
    • Histopathology
    • Clinical Pathology
    • Microbiology
    • Serology
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    We offer a wide range non-invasive cardiology tests for early diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. We are dedicated to helping clients improve and maintain a proper functioning heart through our cutting-edge diagnostic techniques.
    Some of the cardiology services we offer include:

    • Ultrasound and Colour Doppler
    • Cardiac Stress Test
    • Electrocardiogram Test (ECG)
    • Spirometry Test/PFT (Pulmonary Function Test)
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    We conduct several neurological diagnostic tests to help assess motor and sensory skills, hearing and speech, vision, coordination, and balance.


    Some of the neurology services we offer include:

    • Radiography
    • Electroencephalogram test (EEG)
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    Molecular Lab Tests

    At Beaconhealth Diagnostics, our molecular diagnostic tests are used to improve the precision and accuracy of many lab tests, including the areas of oncology, infectious diseases, clinical chemistry, and clinical genetics.


    Some of the molecular lab services we offer include:

    • Infectious Diseases Diagnostics
    • Viral Load Quantification
    • DNA and Genetic Testing
  • Medical Imaging

    To get visual representations of the interior of the body for medical diagnosis and analysis, imaging helps reveal internal structures hidden underneath skin and bones.


    A variety of imaging tests exist, the one adopted for diagnosis depends on the patient's symptoms and the part of the body being examined.

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    Digital X-Ray

    Using a digital x-ray system, our in-house radiographers capture clear and crisp images, while our experienced consultant radiologists provide fast, accurate reports.

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    Our in-house sonologists ensure accurate ultrasound diagnosis and reporting. From basic obstetric ultrasound to advanced doppler studies, we do it all.

  • Postcare

    We will send your medical reports and images directly to your doctor and provide you a copy for your records. We can also connect you with our network of specialists for follow-up visits as needed.

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